Monday, April 11, 2011

Taste the Fresh Apple Laptops in India

It’s time to taste the fresh technology with Apple laptops in India. Apple recognize for the best quality and long durability. The creations from Apple fill passion among the youth. Now every tech lover puts their eyes on the market to know what will now Apple adds in its portfolio? So the wait is over the all favorite Apple has unveiled an all new Mac Book Air, which is called as the next generation Laptops. It has the advancement of Internet services and solid state flash storage instead of mechanical hard disks and optical drives.

The solid state flash storage is twice as fast as hard drive storage and reduces the chances of crashes. It is also claim that this new technique, solid state flash storage is up to 90 per cent smaller and lighter than hard drives. The all new Mac book is more portable and lightest netbook ever and it is available in few different sizes and models such as Apple Mac book Air 11, Apple Mac Book Air 13 and Apple Mac Book Pro 15 Laptop.

Let’s talk about the Apple Macbook Air 11, it is the tiny miracle from the apple which definitely made you surprise and offers you the extremely innovative features that you have not ever experience in your life. Here I am putting some deep light on the factors of this amazing creation by Apple. The 11-inch Air is the most portable and handy Mac Book that Apple build. This Mac Book is the ideal choice for the people who are seeking for the imperceptible computer that they could take anywhere.

In terms of specifications, the Apple Mac book Air 11 is run on the 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU with 2GB RAM where as its second model Apple Mac Book Air 13 powered by a 1.83GHz CPU. Both the models have the common features of NVIDIA 320M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory and Solid State drives. When it comes to the memory the 11” version supports 64 GB of memory while another model of 13” holds the 128 GB.

Even these Mac books are introduced with the great pixel densities, the 11” Mac Book Air comes with the 136 6× 768 resolution and the 13” has 1400 × 900 resolution. More than the looking these Mac Books ensures solid construction. As far as the price concern, the Apple Mac book Air 11 price is not yet declared in the Indian market.

But it is estimated that the Apple MacBook Air 13 price is more than its 11” version and it is to be heard that the most advance, Apple Mac Book Pro 15 has also introduced in the foreign market and soon going to launch in the Indian market with other two versions. The Apple MacBook Pro 15 price also suits to the pockets of the many Indian consumers.

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