Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Apple Laptops Price List 2012

Apple Laptops Price List 2012

Apple laptops are known for the revolution they have brought in to this laptop world. The look and the feel which it offers is just unmatchable. May brands have tried copying it but no brand but only Apple can match. Their ultra thin and ultra light laptops have found the likings of the whole world. The Apple laptops price list gives all the details about such laptops. As compared to other laptop prices, the Apple laptops price list is a costly one. But you can't really complain as the features and technology with which they are build is of the best quality. If we look at their latest models then we can see MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Both these laptops are latest in the market and redefines the whole laptop market.

Between the to the first to arrive in the market is the Apple MacBook Pro. They came with three big improvements. First they came powered by state of the art processors. The 15 inch and 17 inch MacBook Pro features quad core Intel Core i7 processors. The 13 inch models were later upgraded with dual core Intel Core i5 and i& processors. Secondly they contained all new graphics the AMD Radeon graphics processors on the 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pro are up to 2X faster than those in previous models. And third they had breakthrough high speed I/O. Tye new Thunderbolt technology lets you connect high performance peripherals and high resolution displays to a single port. These Apple laptops runs on world's most advanced desktop operating system OS X Lion. With over 250 new features including multi touch gestures, Mission Control, full screen apps and launchpad, this OS seems to get more advanced.

The second one Apple MacBook Air is the latest from this premium brand. This is touted to be the fastest and much more advanced. They are assembled with latest Intel Core processors. Intel Core i5 and i7 processors make the new MacBook Air up to 2.5 x faster than before. They are embedded with Thunderbolt technology which brings lightning fats data transfer and more expansion capabilities to MacBook Air. These Apple laptops are surprisingly thin, yet they contain a full size keyboard that makes typing exceptionally comfortable. They are so light and thin because they are built with all flash storage.

They don't have any moving parts, yet they are incredibly nimble. Flash storage is solid state, so its reliable and efficient and its also really fast. This is the reason why Apple MacBook Air boots up in seconds, launches apps quickly and springs to life in an instant. The prices of all these laptops could be searched from the Apple laptops price list. Before buying any of these products, the consumers are always advised to compare the prices from the different Apple laptops price list.

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